miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017


Hello! I've been watching stuff online and I had to get into "StyleWe". I had seen that they have many new features and their prices are fantastic, as always. Now its have some promotions ranging from 15% to 70%. Of course there are dresses made with quality fabrics. 
When you browse all categories of clothing , you can see on the left side filter that StyleWe puts at your disposal. They have filters for prices, sizes, fabrics... It is an extra help that makes much easier to navigate through this store that go directly to what you need. 

VESTIDO azul con encaje

This time I've been watching the "short party dresses", prom dresses, shorts, and the truth is that there are real goodies. I love this blue, notice the lace that leads, I think that its thin and elegant for any party or event.Heat, will now with temperatures which are already here,we have to look for swimwear that when we finally find them, they have our size.. So, as soon news clothes appears i am the first one here for not lose the clothes that i like.
bickinis sexys

I liked these swimsuits, you can see it here, "sexy swimwear". I noticed that we can see large sizes and models of large size. I like this, because it assures me that current times are changings. Once we only seen an extreme thinness in the photos of swimsuits; now the situation is not the same. This colorful really touched my soul. I like more carry well flowery bikinis;i think thats make me more cheerful throughout the day when i see those color together. These flowers and daisies make me look very well. The good thing is that it also can be wearing as shorts . Just like me..

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  1. Tidavia no he comprado en esta tienda pero tiene muy buena pinta! ❤️❤️❤️
    Feliz miércoles guapa!

  2. Hola guapa!! Me ha encantado el vestido azul, es precioso. Me apunto la web pues no la conocía, pero como necesito un vestido elegante para una boda dentro de unos meses creo que me vendría muy bien!! Besitos!

  3. Me ha gustado mucho el vestido azul, es precioso.Besicos

  4. Esta web tiene unos vestidos muy bonitos.

  5. Me ha encantado el primer vestido. Es una preciosidad. Un besote

  6. Ayyyy ese vestido azul me ha encantado.

  7. El vestido azul con encaje es ideal!! me encanta para los eventos de primavera (comuniones etc...)
    Un besote

  8. Me gusta el último bañador. Es muy original.


  9. Unos vestidos muy chulos. Un besazo.

  10. Hola guapi ♡ !
    Me encanta el vestido azul , me gusta tu blog soy nueva desde hace poquito.. te sigo espero lo mismo!besoos

  11. Hola,

    a mí me sale la entrada en inglés, a nadie más le pasa???? Esto es muy raro...



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