jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


vestido marron
Hello! I I've been surfing again on the internet and I have found a very nice clothing store. This clothing store is Stylewe. Click here to shop dresses
What beautiful are the long dresses, and if over the dresses have a feminine touch and sexy, then to me I like much more still.
I have found in StyleWe many dresses of this type and other models. They always have a section of NEW IN FLASH SALE, DESIGNERS, DRESSES, TOPS, OUTERWEAR, BOTTOMS, JUMPSUITS, KNITWEAR, SPORTSWEAR and BAGS & ACCS.

You can get more information on topics of fashion and news on his blog: Fashion News 
They blog is very fun and you can read interesting topics on it.

I have seen that they have a very interesting Youtube Channel where you can find videos with fashion shows. I've seen videos with really nice dresses. Our YouTube 
 Browse your web is very easy since they have filters so that you can find what you are looking for more easily. These filters are by size, color, price, material, design, fabric, occasion...

blusa negra con volantes
vestido largo


bolsojersey rojo
The carvings are well specified and each size that you have, gives you garment measures so you better choose the size that you belong. I found this very useful; Thus, I know the measurements of the clothes that I'm going to buy.
Stylewe has some divine bags. They are current and fashionable handbags. The bags are very elegant.
shelters that you are selling are very good looking, so you can choose the one you like.

They have shipping free for orders over $200.
Also Stylewe has discounts of 15% to 40% in many of her dresses.

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  1. Si es que stylewe tiene cositas fantásticas.
    Has hecho una selecicón fantástica.

    Un besito!

  2. El ultimo vestido negro de abertura lateral me parece precioso
    Un besote

  3. Me encanta el vestido negro largo :)
    Yo también he hecho una wishlist de esta marca, si quieres pasarte a verlo estás invitada a mi blog :)

  4. Me han gustado mucho los vestidos el primero y el último.Besicos

  5. Una selección estupenda, se ven cosas muy bonitas. Un besito

  6. Me encanta el jersey rojo! Qué elegancia! Biquiños :)


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